Bank Statement Analysis

PowerCred analyses statements from leading banks across Indonesia to provide an accurate and fast assessment of banking transactions of your customers

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Top Banks Covered Across Indonesia


Top Banks Across Indonesia

PowerCred connects with 10+ top banks across Indonesia and offers an intelligence layer to help financial service providers create a holistic and more comprehensive profile of their customers

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Retrieve crucial data from your customer’s bank e-statements such as credit transactions, debit transactions, tax data, opening balance and more.

Income From Multiple Sources

Check and validate multiple income sources and identify potentially fraudulent income sources within the bank transactions

Expense Analysis

Identify expenses and check trends to get a robust idea about your borrower’s repayment capacity


Triangulate and reconcile banking data with other connected platforms such as E-commerce, accounting, wallets and others to get the most accurate analysis of your borrower

Fraud and Tamper Check

Out intelligence layer identifies 30 different types of frauds on bank statements and also highlights any tampering that might have been done with the bank statement


A Plug-and-Play Solution for Lenders Across Southeast Asia

Our Data and Insights APIs offer seamless access to your customer data while adhering to the best practices around user privacy and data security.

Validated Real-time Data and Insights

Leverage real-time validated and summarised data from 20+ categories of data sources plus data intelligence on top of the retrieved using our Data APIs.

Ethically-sourced Consented Data

We leverage our data partnerships to ethically source consented data of your customers while upholding user privacy and data security.

Compliance with Regional Regulations

PowerCred operates responsibly and is ISO 27001 compliant and Kominfo certified. PowerCred is also a member of AFTECH.

A simple single integration

Gain seamless access to your customer’s data from multiple data partners using a single integration that takes less than a week to go live.

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