Alternative Data APIs

Connect to various data sources across E-commerce, Wallets, Telco, Accounting and others to build a holistic and fully rounded borrower profile

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Validation with PowerCred

How does it work?

Here’s how our Alternative Data APIs work to help financial service providers with their lending business

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Validate the identity and trasnactions of your customers with a detailed eKYC or eKYB check through Dukcapil and alternative data sources such as Wallets and Telco.
Also validate transactions reflected in bank statements by reconciling them with accounting, e-commerce, wallets and more

Wallet Data

PowerCred helps to access and categorize the transactions of borrowers made through wallets to help lenders identify spending trends and patterns

E-Commerce Analysis

Get access to orders details, shop information, product details and logistics data from e-commerce sellers. Additionally identify trends through the intelligence layer created on top of e-commerce data

Telco Data

Reduce the risk of fraud by validating the identity of your small business customer with their telco data such as their last active location and more. Access their top-up information over the past few months

Accounting Data

Authenticate and reconcile your customers’ banking data accounting platforms used by them and get access to their tax information and balance sheets


Benefits of our Alternative Data APIs

Validate Transactions & Identity

Validate crucial identity and bank information of your customers in a safe, secure and ethical manner with our APIs.

Mitigate Fraud

Reduce the risk of identity fraud and the losses associated with such fraud with the verification of your customers’ identity.

Identify Expense and Income Trends

Leverage alternative data to identify income and expense trends from various sources to build a more comprehensive profile

Data Reconciliation

Reconcile customer data across different platforms used by the borrower in a quick, convenient and digital manner.

Validate transactions and identity with our Alternative Data APIs

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