Boost your lending operations by up to 70% with a simple, automated solution

PowerCred revolutionizes lending with advanced data solutions, providing lenders robust tools for identity checks, credit assessments, and fraud defence, seamlessly integrating validated structured data for precise analysis and decision-making.


Faster loan processing
PowerCred’s identity verification solutions enabled clients to experience quicker onboarding, reduce loan processing times, and minimise manual effort, all while enjoying an enhanced customer experience.


Reduction in potential fraud
Use alternative data to gain in-depth understanding and assessment of borrower identities. This ensures a more accurate fraud detection.


Reduction in rejection rates
Our plug-and-play solution enables you to make better underwriting decisions by leveraging ethically sourced, consented customer data along with additional intelligence.

Faster turnaround, minimal effort

Our plug-and-play platform is designed to optimise your entire loan lifecycle through deep analysis and data insights. We make sure that time is on your side; with PowerCred, you can go to market faster so you can continue doing what you’re already good at.

Fast integration

No extensive training needed once you go live with us.

Real-time data

Validated and summarised from 20+ categories.

Fraud prevention

Minimise losses with validated customer


Have access to your customers’ consented data.

Automated for simplicity.

Optimised for efficiency.

Our platform is expertly crafted to transform your lending process by dramatically reducing both time and costs. We help you eliminate the need for manual processes, reduce human error, and enhance operational efficiency so you can provide a frictionless experience to your customers.

More comprehensive verification process

PowerCred enables you with the most comprehensive verification process available, seamlessly integrating traditional data sources like Dukcapil with extensive checks against additional databases for criminal records and thorough background assessments.

  • eKYC
  • eKYB
  • FraudGuard

More advanced and evidently faster

PowerCred’s solution integrates with over ten leading banks throughout Indonesia, providing an intelligent layer that assists financial service providers in developing a more comprehensive customer profile.

  • User Onboarding
  • Identity Verification
  • Document Capture and Validation
  • Alternative Data

Why Choose PowerCred

PowerCred offers a unified, one-stop API suite that seamlessly accelerates and simplifies your lending processes with speed, efficiency, and scalability.

More intelligent and accurate

PowerCred equips you with proprietary data models and advanced algorithms, enabling you to accelerate your market entry. Our platform includes a comprehensive Fraud and Tamper Check that detects up to 30 different types of frauds in bank statements and identifies any tampering. 

  • Risk Assessment Matrix 
  • Bank Statement Analyzer
  • Fraud Detection
  • Decision-Making Engine

More simplified data management

PowerCred optimises your understanding and management of customer data through a single, unified dashboard. It enables you to identify and view frequently connected data partners, simplify data management, and understand drop-offs.

  • Customer Dashboards
  • Data Integrations

We help you do what you do best