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Introducing PowerCred’s Self-customizable Onboarding UI

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At PowerCred, we consistently work to improve our platform and offer the best solution to our clients. We follow a collaborative approach, cumulating feedback from our clients and fresh ideas from our internal team to improve our solution. This helps us in supporting our clients in the best way possible while consistently building new features on our platform.

As a value-addition to our existing white-labelled solution, we now offer a UI that allows clients to self-customise the UI at their convenience. Our new UI is in line with our efforts to make integrating with PowerCred easier, quicker and more seamless for our clients. 

As per a survey by EY, 76% of Indonesians consider the seamless integration of financial products and services very important. Our new UI will allow financial service providers to build a seamless user journey at speed and at their convenience.

PowerCred has always aimed to offer a solution that is easy to integrate with a few lines of code, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. This new UI makes customisation simple, so you can customise the UI by making dynamic changes with just a few clicks.

Key Features

1. Our new UI will allow you to self-customise details such as the background color/image, the logo, redirections and other text of the UI.

2. Changes made to the UI are dynamic and the customisations reflect instantly when you click on Publish.

3. This new onboarding UI also offers pre-sets that can help you customise the UI faster.

How will our new UI benefit you?

  1. Save the time spent on dependencies and self-customise the UI at speed.
  2. Actively customise the UI independently, as per convenience.
  3. Make multiple customisations with minimal tech effort.
  4. View dynamic changes that reflect instantly on the UI, without any delay.
  5. Build a seamless journey for your users with a few clicks.
  6. Enjoy more speed added to the onboarding process.

Get Started

To know more about our new self-customisable onboarding UI, you can read our docs or get in touch with our team.

Stay connected with us on LinkedIn or read our blog for our latest updates, news, insights and guides.

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