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Building PowerCred with Vasudha Sinha, Founding team- Marketing

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What started as a simple idea that two friends discussed over a drink has shaped into a high-growth fintech start-up operating successfully in the challenging South East Asia market today. PowerCred has been built on the foundation of a simple idea driven by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of its co-founders and a team that truly believes in the potential of the idea. A highly skilled team with passion and dedication towards Building PowerCred has been crucial to PowerCred’s consistent growth.

As a part of our ‘Building PowerCred’ series, we got Vasudha Sinha, a founding member of the marketing team at PowerCred, to share the story of her journey so far and to tell us about how she strategises the marketing efforts for a dynamic product and high-growth start-up.

How did you first hear about PowerCred and what got you interested in joining the journey of Building PowerCred?

I knew Kunal, the co-founder of PowerCred, from before and I first heard about PowerCred when it was still just an idea in his head. He told me about his idea during one of our casual conversations and we began to discuss the kind of marketing that would possibly be required to support the initial stages. Seeing his commitment to the idea and after speaking with a few other industry professionals, I was convinced that PowerCred has great potential and would achieve amazing things in the future.

How do you contribute to Building PowerCred?

I have been contributing to the marketing efforts for Building PowerCred since March 2022. As marketing, our endeavour is to make PowerCred the trusted partner for financial service providers when it comes to alternate data of small businesses. Our responsibility is manifold; to improve the awareness around PowerCred’s offerings and also to bring general awareness around the benefits and use cases of alternate data. We primarily focus on the below tasks:

  • Building educational content
  • Promoting PowerCred’s benefits and services
  • Supporting the sales team with outreach
  • Creating collaterals for sales 
  • Creating investor materials
  • Conducting market and industry research

Is your role as a marketer for PowerCred any different from similar roles at your previous organisations?

I have previously worked as a Brand Manager for a large B2C brand. While the objectives for marketing remain the same across B2B and B2C, the means to achieve these objectives are completely different. While B2C is focused a lot on your consumer and understanding their behaviours, the foundation of B2B marketing is knowing the strengths and limitations of your product and being able to communicate them effectively. 

How has your job role evolved over time at PowerCred?

PowerCred operates in a highly dynamic ecosystem and is growing fast. As the product becomes more mature and market-ready, the role of marketing gets more critical in terms of both brand equity as well as demand generation. We started with the simple objective of building awareness for the brand and are now working on a much wider list of marketing objectives to support the brand and product growth.
Did you face any challenges while working at PowerCred?

I have always worked in large teams before, hence adjusting to a small team, and in the initial months handling the entire workload individually was a challenge. However, the satisfaction of hitting milestones as a lean team is incomparable.

Given the dynamic ecosystem, how do you upgrade your skillset and keep yourself updated on the latest industry news?

I am consistent at reading the latest research about the markets we operate in and I also follow the leading publications and keep an eye out for updates from them. To upgrade my skillset, I take courses that teach me something new about B2B marketing.

What do you love the most about working at PowerCred?

The people of PowerCred and the camaraderie.  

Your vision for PowerCred…

To be the leading API infrastructure provider for small business data across Southeast Asia. 

If you’d like to discuss marketing opportunities and partnerships with PowerCred, Vasudha would be happy to connect with you. You can write to her at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

PowerCred aims to promote financial inclusion in Southeast Asia by helping financial service providers leverage small business alternate data to build better financial products for their customers. If this interests you, you can get in touch with our team or simply book a demo to know more.

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