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Building a Seamless Integration Experience for Financial Service Providers

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Financial service providers have been experiencing a need to innovate the way they access and leverage their small business customers’ data. With the rapid digitalization of small businesses, there is a large amount of data available across multiple data points that these businesses would like to leverage to avail access to financial services. This presents an opportunity for financial institutions to expand their reach and grow their business but also presents a need for them to optimize the way they access and interact with their customer’s data. With alternative data spread across platforms and multiple data points, financial service providers need to migrate to a model that allows them to seamlessly integrate with multiple data sources to leverage their customer’s data in a convenient, optimal and secure manner for better decision-making.

At PowerCred, we offer our clients the infrastructure and intelligence to help them access and leverage the alternative data of their small business customers from multiple sources using a single integration. Our product is built to offer a seamless integration experience to financial service providers, allowing them to optimize the way they leverage customer data and help them achieve their business goals and serve small businesses better.

A seamless integration experience for financial service providers

Our technology team works consistently to build and adapt our product in line with client requirements and the dynamic ecosystem in which we operate. Our unified API suite is built to offer a seamless integration experience to financial service providers and to help them unlock growth by leveraging alternative data of their small business customers.

PowerCred offers a seamless integration experience to financial service providers.

A single API integration
Customer data is scattered across platforms and data points making it tedious for financial institutions to connect, partner with and manage integrations with multiple platforms to gain access to data. With PowerCred, financial institutions can access data from multiple data points using a single API integration without the need to interact and integrate with each data partner individually.

Access to multiple data segments
Small business customer data is available across segments including e-commerce, payments and wallets, accounting, location, utilities and telco. Our product leverages PowerCred’s partnerships with platforms across these data segments to provide seamless access to customer data to financial service providers. Our unified API suite acts as a single point of access to multiple data segments from data partners without the hassle of managing multiple integrations.

Structured, aggregated and validated data: Raw data processing, aggregation and data authentication can be resource-intensive tasks for financial institutions. Our product helps take this burden off and allows financial service providers to focus their resources on their core operations. Our API fetches raw data from multiple data points and shares them in a structured format with our clients for convenience and ease of reference. For a quick high-level overview of a customer’s business performance, we offer an aggregation API that provides data from select data points for client-defined timeframes. We also help ensure the authenticity of the data being accessed via our APIs and validate data to prevent possible fraud.

Actionable insights and intelligence
To add more value to the data accessed via our API, we offer the intelligence to analyze such data and gain actionable insights from it. We offer APIs for verification, data aggregation and reconciliation to help financial service providers leverage the potential of their small business customer’s alternate data to the fullest to make improved business decisions.

Quick onboarding and TAT
Speed of integration is of the essence when dealing with real-time data and digital technologies. At PowerCred, our concise doc links and tech assistance helps financial service providers integrate with our API at speed. We proactively engage with our clients to ensure seamless onboarding and work with them in real-time during the testing phase for a quick turnaround time.

Product customization
To make sure we suggest the best possible solution, our tech team engages in detailed discussions with our clients and their teams to understand their requirements, use cases and specific guidelines, if any. We offer customizations such as a white-labelled UI to ensure the product integration creates a seamless user experience for financial institutions and their customers.

Customer support
Our team is focused on building a great product that offers a seamless experience to financial service providers and their small business customers. We strive to ensure a great customer experience at every step of interaction with our product by continually being in touch with our clients for feedback and making quick updates to solve any issues that may arise.

PowerCred is committed to helping financial institutions unlock the power of small business alternate data to gain actionable insights for making better business decisions and building better products to support the growth of their small business customers. We aim to make this process and the overall experience with our product as seamless as possible for financial service providers and their customers. If you are a financial service provider and would like to learn more about our product, get in touch with us or book a demo with our team.

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