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How quick and simple is it to integrate with PowerCred?

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Time and speed are of the utmost essence for financial service providers while building innovative solutions for their digitally transforming small business customers. Platforms that can be easily and quickly integrated without compromising the end-user experience can help financial service providers achieve their goals of better serving small business customers.

At PowerCred, we are dedicated to enabling financial service providers to create better products for their small business customers in order to support their growth and better serve them. We aim to provide a simple, user-friendly platform that can be quickly integrated with just a few lines of code. Our simplified API documentation is simple to understand, and prompt support from our technical team improves the integration experience.

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Integration with PowerCred has been simplified for speed

Here’s how it’s done:

Simplified documentation– Our API documentation has been condensed into a few lines of code to make PowerCred’s onboarding quick, simple, and hassle-free, allowing you to connect with multiple data sources faster.

Access to API keys– You may get in touch with our team using our contact form to get instant access to our API keys to help you start exploring our platform and integrations right away.

Prompt assistance and support– Our team is always happy to help and guide you through the integration process with prompt assistance wherever needed.

White labelled UI– We offer customisations including a white-labelled UI to ensure that integrating with PowerCred creates a seamless user experience for financial service providers and their small business customers.

Test our integrations for free- You can test over 15 integrations of our platform for free before you decide to progress with our paid plans. You may discuss your requirements with our team and request credits that will allow you to test your choice of PowerCred’s integrations for free.

Go live in a week- We understand the value of time and strive to provide our clients with a smooth onboarding process. As a financial service provider, you can expect to go live with PowerCred’s integrations in less than a week.

The way forward…

We continue to make integrating with PowerCred a more seamless and speedy process for financial service providers in order to support their business goals. We will soon be publishing product guides and demo videos that will help financial service providers understand our product better and make the integration process more simplified for them.

Our team has been consistently improving our product and introducing more integrations and features on it to help financial service providers develop innovative solutions for their small business customers. If you’d like to stay posted about our latest product updates, you can sign up for our weekly email communication or stay connected with us on LinkedIn.

If you’d like to know more about our seamless integration experience for financial service providers, read this.

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