Experience quicker onboarding, reduced loan processing times and lower need for manual intervention with our onboarding solution while also offering an enhanced experience to your customers.


Reduction in loan processing time using our data


Seamless and Quick Onboarding

Here’s how PowerCred can help you enhance your onboarding process

Onboard a customer within minutes

Validate your customer’s identity and bank account information with our eKYC and eKYB services to onboard a customer within minutes.

Detect & Prevent Identity Fraud

Verify your customer’s identity using  government data from validated sources as well as alternative data.

Reduced Manual Intervention

Reduce the need for manual processing and intervention to add more speed to your onboarding process with our eKYC and eKYB services.

Seamless Onboarding Experience

Our eKYC and eKYB integrations seamlessly integrate in your existing journey to offer an enhanced and seamless digital onboarding experience to your customers.

Our Services

Seamlessly onboard customers with


Verify your customer’s identity within minutes with our eKYC integration which verifies information with Dukcapil and validates the same using alternative data


Verify your small business customer’s business information within minutes with our eKYB integration to prevent fraud.


Gain seamless access to the social identity information of your customers using their consented telco data and wallet for enhanced identity verification

Take the first step towards seamless Digital Onboarding

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PowerCred and Akseleran are working hard to explore alternate data that is accessible, and useful, while also complying with current industry regulations. We are excited and looking forward to the journey ahead.

Faizal Purwanto - Chief Risk Officer


I have huge respect for PowerCred that’s helping build an ecosystem to help financial service providers empower women entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

Amrita Vir on PowerTalks by PowerCred - Co-founder


PowerCred’s solution enables KoinWorks to gain access to alternate data and credit insights for making better lending decisions. We look forward to working with PowerCred towards our shared goal of making credit more accessible to support small business growth.

Ethan Zhang - Chief Strategy Officer


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