Optimise your loan collection strategy with a better understanding of your customer’s spending behaviour, payment behaviour, repayment capacity, estimated timing of availability of funds and more. You can also improve the chances of loan collections by tracking your customer using their location data and more.

What we offer

A Data-driven Solution to Help Improve Loan Collections

Here’s how PowerCred helps financial service providers with loan collections

Optimise your Collections Strategy

Gain insights into your customer’s spending behaviour, payment behaviour, availability of funds and more to devise a perfectly timed collections strategy for better chances of successful collections.

Track your Customer's Location

Know your customer’s locations such as frequently visited locations, saved locations and more to track your customer for the purpose of collections.

Our services

Optimise Collections with

Telco Data

Gain access to the location data such as frequently visited locations, saved locations and more to track your customer for the purpose of collections. A customer’s telco data can also provide social identity information and data such as platforms linked with a number, top-up information and more.

Validation APIs

Verify a customer’s bank account information and identity information with our Validation APIs to prevent fraud and default, while gaining access to accurate information to plan collections.

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I have huge respect for PowerCred that’s helping build an ecosystem to help financial service providers empower women entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

Amrita Vir on PowerTalks by PowerCred
 - Co-founder


PowerCred and Akseleran are working hard to explore alternate data that is accessible, useful, while also complying with current industry regulations. We are excited and looking forward to the journey ahead.

Faizal Purwanto - Chief Risk Officer


PowerCred’s solution enables KoinWorks to gain access to alternate data and credit insights for making better lending decisions. We look forward to working with PowerCred towards our shared goal of making credit more accessible to support small business growth.

Ethan Zhang - Chief Strategy Officer


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