About PowerCred

We provide real-time data and intelligence to enable financial service providers to gain a deeper understanding of their customers to build better financial products for them. Our API infrastructure is leveraged by clients ranging from lenders to corporate card providers, with use cases including financial services, retail, logistics and much more.

PowerCred and Akseleran are working hard to explore alternate data that is accessible, useful, while also complying with current industry regulations. We are excited and looking forward to the journey ahead.

Faizal Purwanto - Chief Risk Officer


I have huge respect for PowerCred that’s helping build an ecosystem to help financial service providers empower women entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

Amrita Vir on PowerTalks by PowerCred - Co-founder


PowerCred’s solution enables KoinWorks to gain access to alternate data and credit insights for making better lending decisions. We look forward to working with PowerCred towards our shared goal of making credit more accessible to support small business growth.

Ethan Zhang - Chief Strategy Officer


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